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Why Participate in Tours & Mentors - Jamaica

Tours & Mentors -Jamaica East is fun-filled 3 night, 4 day experience taking you off the beaten path to explore East-Jamaica!

We are taking you on a journey to experience it all....from the nightlife to the food, culture, breathtaking attractions, mountains, and rivers to the untold stories, under-served communities, and historical sites that gives a lot of insight on how Jamaica has evolved into what it is today!

If you have been longing for a real experience of Jamaica...not just having a drink in the back end of a hotel by the beach, this trip is for you!

If you are a Jamaican who wants to learn more about your history, see more of Jamaica, bask in the memories of your childhood and give back to your country, this trip is for you!

If you have been yearning to travel, love to vacay, and is an adventure seeker who wants to finally check Jamaica off your bucket list, this trip is for you!

If you want to plan a trip to one of the coolest places on earth but your friends give you all the excuses in the world leaving you with no one to go with, this trip is for you! It's a travel group for like-minded'll make more friends!

If you are tired of spending weekends doing the same thing, this trip and all our future trips are for you! They are affordable, fun, and worthwhile for singles and couples alike!

If you have to go in to work tomorrow but you'd rather be on vacation, this trip is for you!

If you are still reading this long are clearly interested...This trip is for you!

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