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Touring Mentors - Tour, Explore, and Mentor 

High School - Career Mentorship 


For our high school tours, we invite professionals in various careers to serve as mentors imparting integral knowledge for success in those fields. We also introduce these youths to tertiary institutions and their recruiters that may be suitable in pairing these youths while also providing them insight on financial assistance and scholarship opportunities

Photo caption: Our Founder, Tash Johnson with students from her alma mater in Kingston, Jamaica after a high school mentorship visit

Photo caption: Founder, Tash Johnson with children in US Virgin Islands after visiting their classroom two weeks after Hurricane Irma.

The school building itself was one of the buildings in VI that was heavily devastated and destroyed by Hurricane Irma as it passed through the island with Category 5 winds followed by Hurricane Maria. What looks like a typical classroom setting here is a space in the church which was transformed thanks to the amazing work of administrators, parents and teachers coming together to ensure the kids could still have the classroom -feel experience until the school could be rebuilt. #VIStrong

Hurricane Relief - the Caribbean is so often plagued with hurricanes. As an organization services this region, we aim to aid as much as we can in supporting countries severely affected by these natural disasters.


We have been present in supporting the islands of Haiti, Dominica, Bahamas, Antigua, Jamaica, and many others in the past that have endured terrifying disasters by being a part of the Tampa Cares Coalition.


Maroon Village Give Back - serving the youths of the Maroon Village while emerging in their beautiful Afro culture

Free Reggae Music & Recording Workshop in collaboration with Black Scorpio Studio - providing an educational opportunity for youths with an interest in music recording to work alongside the world renowned, Black Scorpio in learning the art of reggae music and production.

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